Downtown Americus

Hometown. Forward Bound

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The towers and turrets of our downtown hotel are an architectural marvel and the centerpiece of our city. We rescued this treasure and restored it as a place for people to visit, to gather, and to make memories. Today, it stands sentinel to the continued vision of a City that aspires to be a centerpiece of commerce and innovation through respect for our past.

Our downtown is a place where each building tells a story.  The architecture here is unmatched in many cities our size.  But buildings alone are not what make downtown Americus unique.  It is what happens inside that makes this such a vibrant place.  Here, independent entrepreneurs give unrivaled service in shops, businesses, and eateries that serve residents, students, and visitors that come here from all over the world.

Our downtown is a place where our community comes together.  Young and old, lifelong residents and newcomers, and people from all walks of life mingle together at events that happen throughout the year.

We look to the future with optimism recognizing that our rich history is prologue to a story of continued success.  We have joined together to invest in this place that has given us so many memories and defines the character of our city.  We are repurposing buildings, enlivening streets, and fostering connections.  Whether you are visiting for the first time or rediscovering this place, we welcome you to be a part of the future of Downtown Americus.

Originally the metropolis of Southwest Georgia, Downtown Americus was built for long term success.

Even the builders of the Historic Windsor Hotel knew this area was prime for development, as in 1892 they built a five-story Queen Anne edifice design hotel for the influx of travelers and visitors to this area.

The towers and turrets of our downtown hotel are an architectural marvel and the centerpiece of our city.

Still standing today, this hotel shows that Americus is a great foundation for any business investment.

Although a rural area, Americus is the largest city in this 30 mile radius region. This makes Americus the hub of activity and commerce for all of Sumter County and the eight counties that border it (Crisp, Dooly, Lee, Macon, Marion, Schley, Terrell, and Webster. Residents in this area alone make up over 124,000; however, being that Sumter County is home to two National Parks (Andersonville National Park and Jimmy Carter National Park), Americus is also visited by nearly 300,000 additional visitors annually from all over the world. Downtown Americus currently represents more than 900,000 square feet of potential development and has seen a ground swell of activity over the past few years.

With 37 residential lofts and 15 restaurants, Downtown Americus is booming and entrepreneurs and investors are seeing the value in positioning themselves here. During the last year we have seen an average of 1.5 new businesses open or existing businesses expand each month. Our vacancy rate is currently well below 10% as buildings and new businesses are merging in commerce.

Our Location

  • CAR – Easy access from Columbus on either US-280 or GA-30; from I-75 on either GA-49, GA-27, or from US-280; and Albany and Atlanta on US-19.
  • RAIL –The Historic SAM Shortline Excursion Train weekly brings hundreds of tourists in to visit Americus and on to Plains to explore the Jimmy Carter National Park. The train, beginning in Cordele, makes stops at the Georgia State Veterans Park and Cities of Leslie, Americus, Plains, and Archery before returning back to its terminus. This attraction generates just under 25,000 visitors to our community each year.
  • AIR – The Jimmy Carter Regional Airport, located just 4 miles north of the Downtown area, offers access to those that fly both small engine planes up to regional commuter type aircraft on its two runways measuring 6,011 feet and 3,787 feet.